Rainy days in our campervan

The rain has arrived with a vengeance after five months with hardly a drop. It’s a bloody persistent rain too, and it’s times like these that are miserable in a campervan. I wish we had a TV, a dehumidifier, wifi, and a battery that never went flat. Other times when it’s rained we’ve been in a situation where we could have a driving day. But now we’re in Slovenia, distances are small and our travelling has come to a halt. Rivers are bulging a murky brown colour and we’re trying to be weary as to where we stay every night to avoid getting flooded in.

We’ve already had Pablo stuck in mud in the countryside after our nice leafy patch of ground we stayed on turned into a mud pit. We spent an hour wedging sticks and bark under our tires but to no avail. There was one lonely house up the road and luckily, the owner was nosey and came to see what was going on. We asked him for help and he said I should drive while Craig and him pushed. We explained that I don’t/can’t/won’t drive to which he said ‘how iz dis pozzible?’. After pushing Pablo all the way back, we gave her a massive push towards the road and after the 3rd try it worked! We were so happy as we were dreading having to call breakdown or ask a local to pull us out with a tractor. The guy was so friendly and before we left went to shake my hand. I showed him my palm was covered in mud but he smiled and grasped it anyway. He even gave us after service advising us to drive slowly at first as the tires would still be slippery.

On the plus side we were stuck in a very beautiful area with green pastures and burnt orange trees that led up hillsides with clouds sweeping through them. And, the rain held off for our entire mud fiasco, phew!

Another problem we’ve had in the rain is sleeping under trees. The big droplets of rain bang on the metal roof and wake us up. It’s little things like this that you wouldn’t think twice about until you live in a camper.

So, here’s to rain, you wanker.

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