Travel sickness, and the ferry to Norway

Rotten fish, that’s what the car deck smelt of as we stepped out onto the luxury Fjord Line ferry. The floor was all wet and it smelt exactly like a fish market in Asia; it was rather unpleasant so we left Pablo in the stench and found ourselves a seat well away on the 7th floor. It was a lovely day for the 4.5 hour crossing over to Norway, the sun was shinning, but the wind was blowin’, and as soon as we set off I started feeling sea sick. We both took a tablet and tried to concentrate on playing cards but I was getting that salivary sick feeling; I’ll never actually be sick, my body just likes to make me feel like shit and not get it out of my system.

That’s just reminded me of the horrible bumpy boat we got to Utila Island in Honduras and Craig was just spitting into a plastic bag every few minutes, god that made me gag!! I’m not good around sick.

Ironically after the steep and windy Himalayan roads and back on the flat, humid ground we got the ‘sick bus’ where 80% of the passengers threw up. The row in front of us had a stubborn man (standard Indian) that didn’t want to give up his window seat to a young mum with 2 kids on her lap. Then the kid threw up all over his wooly jumper. After that incident he swapped seats and looked surprisingly calm about what just happened and the Dahl up his arm. So now we had the mum directly in front of us, which I suppose is a good thing as I kept my eyes on her like a hawk, waiting for the kids next projectile vomit. Right as she was shoving the kids head out the window (narrowly avoiding be-heading the child with oncoming trucks) I would lunge over and slide our window shut. Phew, It hit our window, but the people sat behind us were oblivious till it was too late and got korma vomit all over them.

I seem to have quite a few vomit stories up my sleeve…

But anyway, surprisingly a walk along the ship seemed to help me feel better, though it was more of a drunk stumble as the boat tilted from side to side. I managed to make it down to duty free – travellers best friend, and coat myself in perfumes and moisturisers.

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