A short trip to Denmark

It’s been quite a significant change here compared to Germany; everyone speaks fluent English, very smiley, polite, friendly and courteous. They’re much better drivers than the Germans too, they actually indicate at roundabouts!! park in between the lines and don’t get up your arse.

We visited Denmark’s largest wilderness area (bless ’em) which was Thy National Park and consisted of dunes, moor, marsh and forest. We even got to see lots of wildlife, 3 deer and thousands of flies and midges!! Oh god, not already!! After doing a hike we just shut ourselves in Pablo and cooked inside. I always find it odd how the flies that make it inside just congregate on the back window. Now, to your average joe, this looks like the fly is an idiot, it doesn’t know where it wants to go, it’s probably realised theirs no faeces to roll in and is regretting leaving the bin in the carpark. But in the mean time there’s flies surrounding us like a black shadow around Pablo trying to get in. The flies inside are not stupid – I’ve sussed them out. They are infact giving instructions to their friends outside; directions into the van, tips on how to enter and letting them know when we might open the door to drain our pasta. Fuckers. We’ve since purchased a fly swatter and upgraded it to a electrocuting fly zapping racket, any entering the van will be on a death sentence.

The whole drive on the west has been completely undeveloped and lovely. We had a stroll along a beautiful stretch of beach with inviting blue waves slowly curving and crashing. The towns we stopped in seemed deserted of people, yet they had speakers along the streets playing ‘celebrate’. It felt like we missed the news and a tsunami had been predicted to hit the area.

It might of only been a couple of days and their wasn’t really much to see but I’ve really enjoyed Denmark and it’s cheerful blonde people, plus the currency has to be the prettiest I’ve ever seen.


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