Hitchhiking to see the penguins on Chiloé Island | Chile

We hadn’t heard of Chiloé Island until we arrived in Chile and started searching for places to visit enroute to Patagonia. It sounded like an intriguing place where locals still believe in witchcraft and ghost ships. To get there we caught a bus from Puerto Varas to Ancud on the northern part of the island….

Eagle Safari in Vesterålen, Norway

One of the volunteers here told me that an eagles eyesight is so good that it’s the equivalent of a human standing on the roof of a ten story building and seeing an ant on the ground floor!! I didn’t know how true that was, but I was about to get an idea of their…

Wild Flamingos and pink lakes in France

We headed south to Camargue regional park; a vast expanse of wetland between a river and the sea. It’s home to many migratory birds, wild horses and big black bulls, but we were only there for one thing – the Flamingo. As soon as we approached the park a menacing black cloud filled the horizon….