A boat trip to paradise ~ Sumilon Island

We had a Filipino breakfast right after snorkelling with the whale sharks and then looked around for a boatmen to take us to Sumilon Island. We were quoted more than we wanted to pay so walked up the road only to find the resort quoting the same price…so we went back to our original spot hoping for more people to share the cost with and a local took pity on us and drove us for free in his trike because it was ‘Lord Sunday’. Lord Sunday didn’t work on the boat price though and we had to charter a huge boat all to ourselves for the 15 minute ride. It cost £20 for the boat and they dropped us off on the idyllic sandbar and would return at a time we arranged with them.

The sandbar was pretty awesome though; white sand and crystal clear water on all sides. We played around in the sea for ages, we ran along the sand and jumped in, hung out in the deeper areas in our tubes and generally felt like we were in paradise.

More boats gradually turned up though and it felt like people were intruding on our private property. One guy gave us some entertainment though…he was clearly gay, and loved himself. He’d covered himself in so much sunscreen that his skin looked a purple colour. He was running along the sandbar extremely camp-ly with his selfie stick taking videos and photos of himself splashing (in an awkward erotic manner) in the water before ‘accidentally’ falling in. He’d then reload all his suncream while soaking wet! I felt like telling him it works best if you dry off first but considering the colour of his skin now I figured he had quite enough on to protect himself.

Later in the afternoon we visited Tumalog Waterfall which we rented Habal-habal drivers (men on motorbikes) to take us to. It was a cool drive along the beautiful coastline and then we headed steeply uphill into Cebu’s interior. The falls weren’t at their best as there wasn’t enough water but they were still beautiful and very unique compared to the average fall. A huge wall that was soft and must’ve been made from clay had water neatly trickling down in layers. The waterhole beneath was a milky bluey-grey colour but fairly shallow. I didn’t really fancy a swim so just went in with my top on and ended up tripping on a hidden rock and having an in-voluntary dip.

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  1. SaraRozic says:

    Wow, that water!

    1. Yes it was wonderful clear waters ☺️🌴

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