Exploring Boracay’s other beaches

A tricycle took us all the way north to Puka, named after the abundant puka shells on the beach. The sea was rough but beautiful with every tone of blue shining in the sun. Some young lads played on skim boards and we enjoyed the breeze walking along the shores. It was too rough for me to swim in but there was no denying it’s beauty. 
A tricycle then took us south to Bulabog beach which was only 500m across the island but a world away from white beach. The sea was extremely choppy and not very clean, but that didn’t deter the dozens of kite surfers speeding through the waves. The area surrounding the beach had lots of little community’s with traditional nipa huts and sadly lots of rubbish.

In the afternoon we went around the headland to Diniwid beach and swam along the sea in our tubes to a pontoon that was impossible to get onto but a little Korean girl who had made it on just followed us around and stared at our feeble attempts of climbing up. When we drifted back down the beach in our tubes the sky went from blue to black extremely quickly and big dollops of rain began to fall on us making the sea feel nice and warm.


Hanging out in Diniwid


the walk around the headland before the storm

We spent another night drinking cheap cocktails and even cheaper beers for Craig and watched the local boys building their trademark sand castles which have Boracay neatly written in them. Some elaborate ones had minions carved into the sand, the date and candles placed in the art piece. But where we sat we had the little boys making the castles. They weren’t so impressive and just wrote Boracay with a blank space beneath to write tourists names for a 50 pesos fee. I attempted my own version earlier that day and it looked atrocious…so I have a lot of appreciation for the younger lads master pieces. There was one ridiculously cute boy with a heart melting smile. When the sun had totally set and their work was done for the day they all had a blast jumping on their art, some even face-planting into the sand and running around like a sand monsters with only their eyes visible. Our favourite little boy did the best seagull impression you’ve ever heard, I literally thought it was one but they don’t even have them in Boracay and the boy started flapping his arms like a bird and Pina colada was dripping out my nose as I suddenly laughed…ah Boracay!


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  1. vinneve says:

    I wish to go back to Boracay someday 🙂

    1. Even with the crowds and algae it’s still so beautiful!

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