Quaint villages and quirky cafés in France

After the festive markets we drove north to Vitre. The town looked like a movie set; wonky half timbered houses were leaning towards the narrow alley and slanting down the roads. Roofs were rickety and all various shapes and sizes. We followed some cobbled lane ways and arrived in front of a huge gothic chateau. It had numerous spires and turrets that looked like witches hats, it was quite the fairy tale castle with thick walls surrounding it.

Afterwards we headed to St Malo, said to be the highlight of Brittany. It’s a walled port city, and you can walk along the ramparts and enjoy sea views, if it wasn’t raining when we visited of course. The city was a little dull though, after all the colours and character in Vitre, we felt it was quite bland. The buildings were all tall with dark stones and identical to one another.

We had a stroll around the shops though and visited a very unique cafe. It’s name is shortened to La Java, and is one very wacky place full of dolls from around the world. They were all over the place, along with vintage metal signs and dolls legs used for the beer pumps. The coolest thing about this cafe though was the bar seating, which consisted of four swings hanging from the ceiling.

We ordered a beer each, Craig’s wasn’t very special but mine was a delicious berry beer served in a fancy cocktail glass. So fancy infact, that the two half pints cost €8.40!! Oh my god. We are such budget travellers, and that was a shock to the system. It’s the most expensive drinks we’ve ever bought, more expensive than London. But, as I kept saying to Craig “at least we get to drink them on swings!!”. This didn’t impress him much and he was annoyed that there wasn’t more ‘swing-ability’. He said next time he’ll just buy a 6 pack and take me to a park instead.







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  1. Ha, the swings are a pretty cool idea.

    1. They certainly were, I didn’t want my drink to end while sat on a swing!

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