An amusing experience with the Poliisi

We were rather surprised when we first arrived in Finland; all the lakes had red water, instead of the beautiful azure ones in Norway and Germany.

But, here they have sand instead of rocks, which means a nice soft beach (I’m grateful for this after slipping on a slimey rock in Norway and falling into an icey lake ahead of schedule) and the water is still very clear and drinkable. In the shallows it’s like swimming in light amber beer, but as it deepens it becomes red like the aftermath of a shark attack and then almost black due to the depth and sediment.

Sadly, it turns out that moose don’t actually exist. We’ve been in Scandanavia for 6 weeks now and haven’t seen one – simple explanation is that tourism bureau steal photos of moose from google for their websites and leaflets. They even go to the extreme effort of not only making realistic prints in the mud, but even shipping real moose poo from Canada to scatter around the forest. Disgraceful.

As we drove at dusk the other night, past perfect meadows for a Bull to trot past us and pose for a photo, I succumbed to singing. Much to Craig’s despair. It went a bit like this, ‘This issss, moose heaaaaven…but moose areeee, myth and leeeegend…’. There was more to it but I daren’t tell you more as it was awfully addictive and officially the most annoying song either of us had ever heard. The worst thing is, every time we see an area ideal for moose now, we start humming that goddam song!!

We’ve had a couple of uneventful days just driving. There’s been hikes to do, but it’s just forest trails and to be honest, there quite boring now. We wanted to rent a canoe to explore some water based national parks which are home to some very rare freshwater seals, but the info lady was helpless and didn’t know where we could get them from.

But we have met some interesting people, first up, ‘Unhappy-Clappy Lady’. We pulled onto the highway, it was clear but as we slowly veered out a car came over a crest and had to really slow down for us. I looked in my mirrors as she was right up our arse and she was clapping her hands at us like a trained seal. Boy was she angry!

Then we met the ‘1 Euro lady’ in a petrol station. Who demanded €1 for using her loo. I’m sorry, I can’t read your sign in Finnish saying I have to pay, yet you’ve gone to the effort of printing ‘only toilet paper in WC’ in English. So I left and hopped into Pablo, “damn, that lady had a right go at me, trying to make me pay €1 for a piss!!” Then Craig informed me that in the meantime he’d asked her where a water tap was and she took his canister and demanded €1 for water!

The same day we drove into a shopping complex in Mikkeli. After a food shop, we wanted to drive across the road and park in McDonald’s to use the wifi. But we drove the wrong way round a one way section, towards a police van. So we turned back into the parking lot, went all the way around, and missed the entrance to McDonald’s. Shit. As we pulled back into the carpark to do the same route again, we realised the cops were following us. Being innocent, we were laughing away, and then they pulled up with us at McDonald’s.

‘Mr. Blondie’ stepped out and approached me with a breathalyser and said “err, you are looking for something??” – “yes, McDonald’s, we found it!!” I said triumphantly. I informed him that clearly, I was not the driver, so he went over to Craig “OK, we do alcohol test as I see you driving round in circles”. Craig and I were cracking up!! “Yes, I suppose we did look rather drunk”. He took Craig’s license and registration back to his van to check it was all OK and wished us a happy trip. We checked the iPhone and found that there wasn’t even wifi at McDonald’s, brilliant. So we had to drive back to the mall, but at least we knew the way this time.





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  1. Sartenada says:

    Very interesting post. Well, I do not know what route You selected when You arrived to Finland, but there are excellent hiking routes.

    All the last winter I made many post from our road trip beyond the Arctic Circle in which presented day hikes. Here are two of them:

    North of Arctic Circle 9.

    North of Arctic Circle 11.

    You are the first one blogger which I know who has visited in Mikkeli. From the mall we live only 800 meters. You should have sent to me an email that we could have met.

    Mikkeli is beautiful and I prove it with two my posts:

    Summer arrived in Mikkeli.

    Distance to this area is from the center less than one kilometer.

    Old vicarage lives full life.

    In this last post in number 13, You see the area where we live.

    Happy and safe travel.

    1. I think the reason we didn’t hike much was that Norway just wowed us so much, the scenery was so dramatic and varied that we kept wanting to hike more. And as much as I adore forests and lakes (I would be very content living in a log cabin in the woods!) it just didn’t excite us like Norway. The heat and Mosquitos didn’t help matters much and we didn’t get these along the fjords in Norway. We were also desperately hoping to see moose and that’s what kept us excited to hike at the beginning but as we came further south everyone said we wouldn’t see them and we felt a bit defeated. But alas, Finland is still a very beautiful country and I absolutely love how much wilderness there is, and reindeer – we saw 117 and I’m very happy about this 😀

      We only went as high north as Muonio so maybe further afield may of been more suited for us. But everyone likes different things 🙂

      1. Sartenada says:

        I appreciate very much Your answer and understand what You meant. Except this word “Moose”.

        Do You mean with it reindeers? If so, then take a look at my post:

        North of Arctic Circle3.

        After photos with reindeers also, there is the video taken by my wife and it shows reindeers on this great hiking area in Finland.

        Happy and safe travel!

      2. Sorry, i mean Elk, I keep forgetting moose are Elk in Europe 🙂

    2. Sartenada says:

      Here are more reindeers in Lapland from our road trip in 2013.

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