Pablo the super-van

So we’ve been on the road now for 3 weeks and Pablo’s been an absolute trooper, we were both a little worried with her problems before we left the UK but so far so good, and we’ve taken her up some tough roads through the alps.

Sleeping and living wise I think we’ve designed her really well. The bed/sofa are super comfy and we’ve gotten pretty good and speedy at putting it up and down every day. We could do with a slim but tall box (the sort that doesn’t exist) for fresh food as our polystyrene box is bulky and in the way, but it’s nice to have easy access to it. Infact storage wise I’m so glad we put hinges on the sides of the bed to make doors to get underneath as it’s a right pain in the butt to take the mattress out and then pull the heavy bed up.

Definatly a good choice to get a panel van, it’s the first one we’ve had and not only is it great for shade in the hot days but we blend in well and you wouldn’t know we were a campervan unless you looked in the rear window. Also, very pleased we got a diesel, it’s proving to be more efficient and a lot cheaper than petrol, it’s down to €1.29 in Austria, about 35% cheaper than in the UK.

The extractor fan has been another top purchase, I’m sure it’s helping to keep the moisture out. We’ve had 2 nights where condensation has glistened all over the ceiling which was a bit annoying as I hoped the material we used would prevent that. I guess we did need some insulation after all, but I think the fan really helps.

We haven’t seen many other campers like us, maybe that sort of young camper culture like in Australia and New Zealand doesn’t exist so much in Europe. Our number plate sticks out like a sore thumb here as the rear is yellow and obviously has GB on it…Pablo’s quite the tourist attraction.

Since writing this Pablo’s exhaust pipe has cracked… Why does this shit only happen on weekends?!

Maybe I should change the title to this post…

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  1. Looks like so much fun!

    1. Thanks Madison! Very envious of your travel stories, I have to go back to the US one day and see that neck of the woods, it sounds incredible!

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