The blue Kawasan Waterfalls, The Philippines

Panagsama Beach in Moalboal was much smaller and more chilled than we’d anticipated. A dirt track led close to the shore of a rocky beach and was lined with bars and restaurants. We hired out a motorbike to visit some sights in the area as it was cheaper to do this than get public transport….

Wild Flamingos and pink lakes in France

We headed south to Camargue regional park; a vast expanse of wetland between a river and the sea. It’s home to many migratory birds, wild horses and big black bulls, but we were only there for one thing – the Flamingo. As soon as we approached the park a menacing black cloud filled the horizon….

A slice of the American Midwest in Southern France

Europe’s largest canyon, Verdon Gorge slices through a limestone plateau for 25km. It’s deepest point is 700m and it’s narrowest at a mere 8m, it’s not quite the Grand Canyon, but it’s a good runner up. A scenic road leads around the canyon offering view points along the way. We passed the large Saint Croix…

A unique look inside a Gypsy Mansion

As we approached the end of town we spotted the tell tale silver roofs of the Gypsy mansions we’d seen a couple weeks back in Western Romania. Then there was another and another. All painted bright colours, with three stories, Chinese style tiered roofing and aluminium decorations. This time we took our time and stopped…