Over the past couple of years our nomadic lifestyle has caught a few people’s eyes – not many couples could travel and work together non-stop, let alone live in a small, confined campervan together full time, so there’s been a few articles and videos about our adventurous lifestyle and here are some of the highlights:

The Daily Mail

Headline news on the Mail Online, a pretty proud moment of ours!

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The Daily Express

Our story was official printed on paper and my mum bought a lot of copies!


Exploring Alternatives

A great video explaining how we’ve travelled for so long and why we do it.


NowThis News

A short but sweet video featuring us and other van-dwellers and showing why millenials are choosing to live and travel in a van instead of getting a mortgage.

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Life Buzz

An inspiring display of our campervan travels mixed with snippets of our story.

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BroadStance Media Podcast

Jackie Brambles, previously from BBC radio 1 and Loose Women, interviewed us (May 2017) for her new podcast ‘Stopping Scotland’s Scammers’. She ended up finding us on a tangent and reveals how we travel long-term without winning the lottery and how we cope living, working and travelling together 24/7 for nearly 10 years. Our section of the podcast starts at about 14:30 minutes in. 

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Knack Weekend – Belgium Newspaper

Our story circulated around the world but here’s one version in Dutch.

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