Scotland and Wales

India, Nepal and Thailand

New Zealand

Latin America

Canada and The USA

South East Asia



  1. What a wonderful set of very beautiful photos around the world. I am happy for You that You travel in so many countries and of course that You visit my β€œunknown” country Finland.

    In my About me page, I tell that I worked nearly forty years for our national airline Finnair. Then I traveled a lot of, but not so much as You now. Due to my Spanish skills, I traveled quite often in South America, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil.

    This meant that I did not travel so much in my country. Now in ten years I have explored my country from South to North and from East to West. My blog contains now about 20000 photos from Finland. If You check my About mepage, then You see some photos from our travel abroad and a lot of photos around in Finland. My favorite country is Germany due to its Autobahnen, because I love to drive fast and in Germany it is possible, because there are no speed limits on Autobahnen. To drive fast among other cars is awesome experience.

    I wish all the good to You. Please continue blogging, because I want to know more about Your travel experiences.

    1. Thankyou very much!! What kind words πŸ™‚ well at least you have extensively seen your own country now. We are now in the southern area and missing the remoteness of the north. Visiting Helsinki and then off to Estonia! Haha, driving fast in Germany, I’m afraid we are the slow drivers that you get stuck behind!

      1. Sounds great. In Helsinki You must visit Seurasaari and Suomenlinna or take a boat sightseeing. Also Rock church is awesome.

        Finland is safe, as You know, but be careful when South of Helsinki.

        Happy and safe travel. Matti.

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